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IP Address Tracking / Monitoring

What is Hawk?

Hawk is a web based utility for monitoring and comparing hosts on your network with what's in DNS. Hosts that are answering pings but are not in dns may be unauthorized, and hosts that are in DNS, but are not answering may be able to be reclaimed. Hawk monitors all hosts on the networks you specify and lets you view them via a web page.

Hawk consists of a backend written in perl that monitors hosts by icmp pings and writes the status to a mysql database. The frontend is in php and lets you select which network to view, and how to view it.


Where do I get Hawk?

Hawk is currently maintained at http://sourceforge.net/projects/iphawk. Check there for the latest download. The project homepage, which is probably what you are viewing, is at http://iphawk.sourceforge.net


Hawk is covered under the GNU Public License. Copyright Greg Heim 2001



  1. Make sure above software or equivalent is available
  2. Unpack (tar, gunzip) software at a location accessible by web server
    ./daemon                 - directory for perl backend monitor
    ./daemon/hawk            - the monitor
    ./daemon/hawk.conf       - config file for hawk deamon
    ./php                    - directory for php interface
    ./php/hawk.conf.inc      - php interface config file
    ./php/hawk.css           - style sheet for hawk
    ./php/hawk.php           - hawk php frontend
    ./php/images             - directory for hawk images
  3. Create the mysql database and table for Hawk. This sql should do it.
    create database hawk;
    use hawk;
    create table ip (
       ip char(16) NOT NULL default '0',
       hostname char(255) default NULL,
       lastping int(10) default NULL,
       PRIMARY KEY  (ip),
       UNIQUE KEY ip (ip),
       KEY ip_2 (ip)
    ) TYPE=MyISAM COMMENT='Table for last ping time of hosts';
  4. Modify ./daemon/hawk.conf file with your configuration/preferences
  5. Modify ./php/hawk.conf.inc file with your configuration/preferences
  6. Create a startup script for launching hawk monitor upon boot
  7. Modify web server so hawk.php is accessible
  8. Start hawk (watch logfile (debug level = 2) to confirm proper operation)
  9. Launch hawk.php from browser

Support, Suggestions, & Contributions

If you find bugs, have suggestions for improvement, or would like to contribute, please contact me at the address below.

If you find hawk generally useful, I'd like to hear about that as well.

I can't help much with installation support. But if you have all the required packages installed, it should be pretty straight forward. I'll try to answer what questions I can.


Greg Heim gregheim@mindspring.com

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